…imagine if there could be a way for all languages, all cultures, all backgrounds to show their gratitude in solidarity?​

A small team of industry leaders and subject matter experts have gathered over the recent challenging months, to undergo the creation of what will become the world’s’ first dedicated gratitude platform; named ‘Gratitude™’. 

This is truly unique, in that it’s simplicity enables individuals and communities from all around the world – irrespective of race, culture, geographical location and socioeconomics – to simply and transparently share a message of gratitude. 

Gratitude™ is in essence a way to share a ‘virtual thank you’ with those they deem worthy, whoever they may be, as a kind gesture of positivity and support – and so others may also share in this kind gesture.

Gratitude™ was founded in Tortosa, Spain by Don Amal Francis, as a circumstantial response to the COVID19 pandemic in 2020. Don was inspired by the enormous sacrifices being made by the front-line healthcare workers and imagined if there was a way for all the world to show their gratitude in solidarity.​